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Mossfolk is a non profit organisation

created and run by young people with mental illness based on the principles of community, creativity and communication.

We are passionate about providing resources, workshops and events that are affordable and accessible and aim to do so in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

Mossfolk was created in 2017 by our Founder Sam following a really dark mental health period and subsequent diagnosis of Depression and Anxiety. Struggling to find mental health spaces at the time that focused on creativity and peer support while quickly noticing gaps and barriers in the mental health system, Sam created the community that she so desperately needed. Since then Mossfolk has delivered over 50 projects to over 500 people, has an online community of 5,000 and an incredible team of people with lived experience!

Mossfolk is peer run
for and by people with
a lived experience of mental illness.
Meet the board

Meet the Team


Zoi (She/They)

Zoi works in the mental health space as a Cultural Safety and Diversity Coordinator, as well as working with organisations in fostering cultural safety for all. They have lived experience with addiction and are a strong advocate for healing and enjoy facilitating reflective spaces. In their spare time they enjoy creative writing, going for long walks, and watching sci-fi shows.


Chenai (She/Her)

Chenai is the Founder and Co-Director of Rainbow Muse Clinic which offers art therapy, psychology, play therapy, animal-assisted therapy and yoga. She is also the Founder of Tandara Pa Rainbow, a community-focused space for creativity, connection, culture and collective care. She’s also a mum to a toddler and strongly believes that creativity and connection heal. 

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Maria (She/Her)

Maria Birch-Morunga is a Māori/ Pakehā trainer, podcast host and craft queen. Maria channels her activism into her art by creating embroidery pieces on topics from tokenism to capitalism, and co-hosting Being Biracial podcast. She is passionate about educating people about race and identity with compassion. Maria serves as the Secretary on the board for Mossfolk.


Elizabeth (She/Her)

Howdy, I am Elizabeth and I like to read (buy books), walk (get coffee) and spend time with my friends, family and dog. I am studying to become a counsellor with a lived experience focus. I also work as a payroll manager, tutor and writer. I am passionate about accessibility, inclusion and everything Mossfolk stands for!

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Mei (She/They)

Mei Leong is a graphic designer and illustrator whose creative practice is value-led that centres on stewardship and inclusion. They have a professional interest in interpretation design and public engagement. Mei is a nature-lover, plant spotter, cat-patter and inner city fish. include: amateur historian and researcher, teaching myself arts'n'craft. 

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Matisse (They/She)

Matisse Laida is an actor, writer and producer based in Wurundgeri country. Matisse founded We Eatin Good, a platform for queer First Nations, Black, and POC to showcase food and identity. They are currently completing the Victorian Independent Producers Initiative with TNA and is due to start the Black Marks writing course with Arts House.

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Sam Moss (She/Her)

Sam is a Creative, Crafter, Illustrator, Events Planner, Digital Marketer, Facilitator and the mentally ill brain behind Mossfolk! When not planning or running Mossfolk activities you can find her crocheting or cuddling her three cats Marcie, Lins and Pepper.

Mossfolk is committed to cultivating safe and inclusive environments and celebrates and values people of all backgrounds, gender identities, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.

Mossfolk acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

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