Mossfolk is a non profit organisation created and run by young people with mental illness based on the principles of community, creativity and communication.

We are passionate about providing resources, workshops and events that are affordable and accessible and aim to do so in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

At Mossfolk we know firsthand how isolating and lonely it can be when you have mental illness which is why our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive community. We aim to do this by holding community social events tailored to cater to those with mental illness. To encourage community and connection we collaborate with local creatives, mental health professionals and businesses.


Creativity in many forms can serve as a wonderful outlet for mental health. At Mossfolk we encourage engaging in creative practices as self care by providing creative workshops and classes such as art as therapy, arts & crafts, dance, movement, etc.  In our workshops and classes we give you the tools needed to learn how to utilise creativity as a mental health outlet by incorporating art and therapy and mindfullness practices.

At Mossfolk we work to raise awareness for and destigmatise mental illness by encouraging and facilitating open and honest communication. We encourage conversations around mental health based on lived experience and offer peer support in all our workshops and events. We also facilitate such conversations by doing written and video interviews with those with a lived a lived experience with mental illness.


Sam Moss (she/her)

Founder, Director & workshop facilitator

Hi there! My name is Samantha Moss (Sam to my friends aka all of you!) and I am the human being behind Mossfolk.


I founded Mossfolk as a direct result of my lived experience with mental illness after being diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression a few years ago. I began getting treatment for Anxiety and Depression and decided that I wanted to use me experience to help others living with mental illness. 

Before Mossfolk I had been studying and working in the creative industries for 5 years. I got my BA of Design specialising in Styling and Creative Direction and was working as a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist. I have always been a creative soul, loving everything arts & crafts! I decided to combine my creative skills and knowledge and passion for mental health advocacy to create mental health workshops, events and resources that were welcoming, creative, easily accessible and most importantly helpful to those struggling with mental illness. 

Anya Montgomery (she/her)

Yoga teacher & workshop facilitator

Anya is a Melbourne based Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. She is back fresh from a year in London, and ready to spread the message of true wellbeing.

Her passions lay in holding a safe, warm and welcoming space for people. Finding the why behind the how. Getting to the root cause. Understanding mindset and changing the outdated stories we tell ourselves. She believes that we can create our own realities and have a lot more control over this than we are lead to believe. She is a great believer in the importance of community in our social and emotional wellbeing. This is one of the many reasons why she is so excited to be apart of the Mossfolk community.

In her yoga classes she is playful, gentle, soft, calm and fun. There is a big focus on why we do poses, how it helps, what it helps and how to get the most benefit. Breathwork, meditation and relaxation hold a big part of the classes.